Laudably [adverb]

Definition of Laudably:

in accordance with accepted standards of conduct

Synonyms of Laudably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laudably:

Sentence/Example of Laudably:

It is true, he says, that he killed his wife, but he did it laudably.

The movement thus laudably initiated by the Government soon spread to the provinces.

"Where he is laudably exercising his lungs for the entertainment of the company below," said the Professor.

The ruffing and cheering was immense; and most laudably prompt was the execution of the proposal that excited it.

In the very next paragraph to that from which we have been quoting, he thus laudably expresses 494 himself upon the subject.

The authors of the period were laudably accurate in following its fashions.

Thus is the purpose of my heart entirely frustrated, and the laudably industrious tradesman defrauded of his due.

It invites them to inquiry, and makes them laudably curious.

Upon the banquetting night it was removed into the buttry; which in all respects was very laudably performed.

He, however, laudably determined not to make another adventure.