Lauding [verb]

Definition of Lauding:

acclaim, praise

Synonyms of Lauding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lauding:

Sentence/Example of Lauding:

He considers it one of the greatest of all the vegetable products and never tires of lauding the plant and its use.

No person is to vaunt himself above others or find fault with the efforts of others while lauding his own.

He justly animadverts upon the silly fashion of the day, in lauding the vulgar imitation of the worsted stockings by Thom.

I am too vain a creature to want to cope often with truths even though they might be uplifting self-lauding truths.

The sisters, to prevent the accusation of vanity, do not praise themselves, but arrive at the same end by lauding up each other!

In every precinct and ward there are persons going about lauding one party and crying down the other.

We returned to Cupar, lauding and praising God for His mercy showed; and thereafter every man departed to his dwelling place.

The editorial was pouring too much oil on the waters in its lauding of the role of Medical Lobby on Mars for no apparent reason.

His first impression would be, that in his Blackwood 'Hymn to the Gods' he had been lauding his own kith and kin.

Yet even here, you see, I am indirectly lauding my own worship for not being persuaded to laud my own worship.