Lauds [verb]

Definition of Lauds:

acclaim, praise

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Sentence/Example of Lauds:

Orthros, or′thros, n. one of the Greek canonical hours, corresponding to the Western lauds.

He asked them how long it would be before the brethren would be awakened for nocturnal lauds.

On Sundays, at the conclusion of Lauds, the hebdomadarian gave the blessing to the outgoing and incoming weekly servers.

At the conclusion of Matins he received back his lantern, and going out from the choir rang the bells for Lauds.

It would, therefore, have been probably somewhere about one oclock in the morning that Lauds usually began.

Lauds having been sung, we all proceeded to take our disciplines.

Mr. Tal- mage, true to the fawning, cringing spirit of ortho- doxy, lauds the living queen and cruelly maligns the genius dead.

The bell had been rung for Lauds, and going up the stairs they passed the brothers coming down to service.

Presently the low, droning sound of their voices came up from the chapel where they were saying Lauds.

Lauds and Prime were over, the brothers were on their knees, and the Father was reading the last words of the dedication service.