Laugh [verb]

Definition of Laugh:

expressing amusement, happiness

Synonyms of Laugh:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laugh:


Sentence/Example of Laugh:

It’s impossible not to think about the people who are missing, impossible not to hear their voices and their laughs or to remember the personality quirks that made them unique.

“One of the best medicines at the moment is having a laugh and having some fun, even if it’s just for five minutes,” McCarthy said.

Implicit in the forum’s bargain, and its name, was that these trades were all high-risk, high-reward bets from traders doing it for the laughs.

Going all in on expensive ad inventory and a message played for laughs or other emotions might fall flat in a very turbulent cultural context, especially given that you have to lock your message months if not weeks in advance.

At last, after all the laughs at their expense, after all the coaching changes and front-office shake-ups, after an endless search for a reliable quarterback and sensible plan, they have some hope.

“I had a terrible voice, and continue to have a terrible voice, but he was just so blinded by me being his daughter, that he would support me and continue giving me these singing roles,” Huhn said with a laugh.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg would have the last laugh, of course, as it’s now clear the deal was the bargain of the century.

One moment of carelessness has cost us a month of peace, has cost us sleep, has cost us laughs, has cost us a lot of money.

So, into the data we go, to have some laughs at the art that SoftBank cannot leave out of its reporting and learn a bit about what changed for the Vision Fund family.

People commonly respond to this with laughs, but it’s no joke.