Laughably [adverb]

Definition of Laughably:


Synonyms of Laughably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Laughably:


Sentence/Example of Laughably:

My last words to you might appear to imply something laughably opposed to my real meaning.

It would have been laughably grotesque in its deforming incompetence had it not been directed at human beings.

The girl flung her strong young arms above her head, and brought down her clenched fists in a laughably vehement way.

Her ideas of such a short time before seemed small, laughably small now.

He threw down his pipe in the midst of talking about something carefully unimportant, and sat up with a laughably angry face.

The Kingstonians themselves are laughably ignorant of the country parts.

Crowds of ragged lads were loitering about the Corso, shouting as they followed any laughably-attired mask.

Jan-an sunk her face deeper into the cup of her hands––this pressed her features up and made her look laughably ugly.

They have significant names for every thing, and a nickname for every one, and some of the latter are laughably appropriate.

The cow-like form and serenity of her features are made laughably obvious.