Laughingstock [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Laughingstock:

An Indian whom Catlin painted with half his face in shadow became the laughingstock of the tribe, as "the man with half a face."

Our Cellerarius a cipher; the very Townsfolk know it: subsannatio et derisio sumus, we have become a laughingstock to mankind.

To me he is the man who made a laughingstock of me in a censorious little town by calling me "a woman of doubtful reputation."

If they try to dump me to-night I'm going to fool them and I'm going to fix it so that they'll be the laughingstock of the corps.

You're famous, besides, as the boldest plebe that ever came here; the yearlings are the laughingstock of the place because of you.

If this big crook puts that over to-night, it'll make the boss a bigger laughingstock than before.

I wouldnt be the least bit surprised if he remained in the city for the purpose of making a laughingstock of me.

If he could get those stones, hed not only have a handsome profit, hed make a laughingstock of mewhat he has sworn to do.

As for you, Mr. Roger Verbeck, you will be the laughingstock of the city to-morrow, so prepare to be ridiculed.

It has been about three weeks since I informed you of my intention to abduct you and make you a laughingstock again.