Launched [adjective]

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To reduce this launch title as a mere remake of a PlayStation 3 game is to sell short this astounding achievement by Bluepoint Games.

The launch took place from the company's facility on New Zealand's Mahia Peninsula and in many respects was uneventful.

New Zealand company Rocket Lab has hit a key milestone with the successful launch and recovery of its flagship Electron rocket.

Considering that WarnerMedia is not looking to limit HBO Max’s advertiser base at launch, it seems reasonable that WarnerMedia would allow Amazon access to HBO Max’s inventory in order to fill the service’s ad slots.

While she was tight-lipped about what brands would appear at Kohl’s, or what gap in the market Ulta or Target don’t fill, she pointed to the recent launch of a beauty line by Lauren Conrad, the name behind one of Kohl’s major apparel store brands.

His health isn’t likely to affect the launch, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said at a news conference.

The company described itself before the launch earlier this year as having over 300 million monthly active users.

Later, she was one of the few women on an aircraft launch and recovery team.

Custom themes are unavailable at launch, Sony confirmed to The Washington Post, but the option could come down the line, especially since the home screen has ample room to show off custom themes.

During the review process, several launch titles like “The Falconeer,” “Watch Dogs Legion” and Dirt 5″ were not made available to us, so our experience is limited.