Launder [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Launder:

The waste steam puffed through a launder into the feed-cistern.

Also he had towels for his own personal use and those he managed to launder, somehow.

For the mornings there must be several crisp, demure little frocks that are easy to launder.

In selecting the pieces of cretonne to be used, it is essential to employ only those that will launder well.

Laundress is formed by adding -ess to launder or laundre, the contracted form of lavender as here used.

Only housewives who had come to launder small bundles of family linen were hurrying to finish.

Launder, in his Voyage to India, p. 81, saw one erected in a tank of water.

Thinking that she would surprise me, little Daisy decided to launder the piece herself.

Put the piece to launder in warm water and rub it with a pure soap, such as castile.

Launder, that washes the children of the privy chamber, 75, 112.