Laundry [noun]

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Second, the laundry list of stakeholders in a given company—shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, local communities, the planet—can have diverging interests.

Analysts have speculated about a laundry list of other innovations that could be part of Battery Day.

There is nothing like a ratty laundry bag or an old plastic laundry bin to make your laundry an eye sore.

For three years, Brown did laundry for the Naval Academy during the day and served food in the cafeteria at Anne Arundel Medical Center at night.

As a young unwed mother, Philomena Lee, like so many others, was sent to a convent and forced to work in the laundry.

Edna found her friend engaged in assorting the clothes which had returned that morning from the laundry.

Jess tiptoed over to the tin box on the table, drew out the two loaves of bread, and slipped them into the laundry bag.

Jess, who liked above all things to be orderly, spread out the big gray laundry bag on the pine needles for a tablecloth.

Taking the scissors from Violet's workbag, she cut the laundry bag carefully into two pieces, saving the cord for a clothesline.

A big pile of pine needles was loaded into the freight car for Henry's bed, and covered with the other half of the laundry bag.