Laureates [noun]

Definition of Laureates:

honored poet

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Sentence/Example of Laureates:

This implies that the recitations were not single, as if by poet laureates, but that many shared in them.

In many cases they were devised by clever play-wrights, and their glories recorded in the verses of the poet laureates.

Sternhold and Hopkins were his Laureates, for perpetually on all kinds of wings of mighty winds he came flying all abroad.

I have also convoked a few young laureates of the college, but only such as are little versed in affairs.

Certainly, no one of the Laureates, Cibber excepted, was so mercilessly lampooned.

It was rather like twenty minutes for dinner at what our railway laureates call an eating house.

Petrarch and Tasso appear to be the only distinguished laureates of Italy.

But if we proceed from Apollo, our chapter on laureates will be longer than the tail of a comet.

We began with the earliest of laureates and the latest,—Apollo and the venerable Wordsworth,—and with them we will conclude.

Neither the laughing little streams nor the more majestic and historic waterways have ever yet found their laureates.