Lavatory [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lavatory:

The impromptu Bombastes excited universal applause, and just at the end Wright ran in through the lavatory.

The consequence was, that I was severely hurt, and might have been seriously injured in entering the lavatory.

There was a little lavatory off the third room of the suite, and Mr. Norcross went in and washed his face and hands.

On the other, through a curtained alcove, he could see a tiny lavatory.

A study of the illustrations will show clearly how the lavatory has been improved.

Three minutes later, while he was bent over the lavatory basin, someone burst into the bathroom.

You and I will certainly have to hurry, agreed Jerry, as she returned from the lavatory nearly 99 twenty minutes later.

By half-past seven the lavatory will become suddenly very popular.

Not in the least impressed, Marjorie continued imperturbably toward the lavatory.

In the lavatory she encountered the two students of whom Ronny had made inquiry regarding Barettis.