Lave [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Lave:

If that's th' kind iv job a sultan has, I'll lave it f'r anny wan to take that wants it.

Av this is Warter Pocket Canyon, we may not be able to foind this pass if we lave it.

Whin they come to see if he was dead, he got up, an' says he: 'Lave me at him.'

If you do, then I'll lave the chapel on the spot, and maybe you won't see me agin.

For the love of God, your reverence, would you lave me put my cap under my knees?

Lave him poke his nose into the Sacandagy an' dhrown there, bad cess to him!

But, as a friend, I tell you you'll be wrong to lave this room till you've had a little more talk with Mr Lynch and myself.

Axin' yer kind lave, shure it's Peggy Ryan as wishes ye ivery blissin', an' has the honour uv givin' ye a partin' bit uv advace.

No sculptured pile our hands shall rear;Thy simple sod the stream shall lave.

But I could not lave it foriver, as it might be, widout one more sight uv me mother's grave.