Lawbreaker [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lawbreaker:

For more than half a decade, he produced “World’s Dumbest,” a show that focused on the least-intelligent elements of various parts of society, including lawbreakers.

Since then Wade, besides insulting me, has proved himself a lawbreaker.

Breach of taboo rendered not only the individual lawbreaker but the whole tribe, however innocent, liable to punishment.

Only Danny was neither a tyro nor a humbug, and had he not been a lawbreaker the world would have been to some extent the loser.

A shadowy, powerful group that slip silently between the stars, ready to bring the interstellar lawbreaker low.

The lawbreaker who comes with an army at his back cannot be served with a sheriff's warrant, nor arrested by a constable.

All the good nature had gone out of his voice, and it was Trooper Henry Crawley, the lawbreaker, who spoke.

Unlike the ordinary criminal he was not merely an individual lawbreaker.

Pima Pete had been a lawbreaker, and there was a reward out for him.

If we ask what his character is, the answer must be, "He is a lawbreaker."