Lawfully [adverb]

Definition of Lawfully:


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Sentence/Example of Lawfully:

“Better to put those voters on notice now while they still have at least some time to adjust their plans and cast their votes in an unquestionably lawful way.”

This is often done at night from boats, but also from jetties and breakwalls where lawful.

In another development last year, Ireland’s DPC opened an investigation into Google’s online Ad Exchange — looking into the lawful basis for its processing of personal data.

Or, Google says, publishers can use the “legitimate interest” lawful basis for processing personal data under the GDPR.

Lawful but could not have been avoided, not lawful but awful.

Besides, each one who lawfully vows to God, in vowing discharges a function of a loyal subject of God's government.

The latter are countenanced by no class of vows lawfully made, either in Old Testament times or in a later period.

Relief from the poor rates can only lawfully be given in cases where persons are destitute of the means of support.

They refused to make one who had been lawfully apprenticed to the trade in Shrewsbury free of their company.

You shall have this girl; but lawfully, openly, with the sanction of Heaven and your parents.