Lawgiver [noun]

Definition of Lawgiver:

person in government who makes laws

Synonyms of Lawgiver:

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Sentence/Example of Lawgiver:

The obedience thus inculcated was not merely made known by the glorious Lawgiver, but acknowledged as obligatory by men.

No lawgiver had ever been able to devise a perfect and immortal form of government.

He further adds, "This lawgiver must be more than man, that he may teach us things man cannot know by his own nature."

In the first place, his signal success as a lawgiver was due entirely to the dazzling splendors of his victories.

The lawgiver, or the political hero in the true sense of the word, stands at the zenith of the age.

The warrior spoke in those days like a lawgiver, while the lawgivers exprest themselves with soldier-like violence.

Necessity is the first lawgiver; all the wants which had to be met by this constitution were originally of a commercial nature.

"But Moses was the first lawgiver to forbid taking the nether millstone as a pledge," objected Robin.

And at last, amidst the number and variety of the interpretations, the spirit was lost and the intention of the lawgiver baffled.

Exclusive competence of a privileged lawgiver, to discern these essences, and to apportion names rightly.