Lawman [noun]

Definition of Lawman:

police officer

Synonyms of Lawman:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lawman:


Sentence/Example of Lawman:

Now as I am called Lawman of this country, it would not be seemly for me to break the law by harbouring outlaws.

All the magnates were there from all parts of the country, and he soon met with Skapti the Lawman and had some talk with him.

This honest saying warmed my heart to him somewhat, and weary enough of his lawman's work this warrior looked.

Then he sought Folkvid the Lawman, with whom lived his half-sister Cecilia, and told him the same story.

At this Alpin held speech with Dovenald the lawman, and his face grew sullen in disappointment.

Bill was a bachelor and we knew there'd be no woman inside to put her foot down and tell him he'd be a fool to act as a lawman.

"I was lawman last night, to see such law done as there is left," said Perry.

"It is hard to find the truth between lawman's brain and tongue," said the old viking Ketel.

But the messenger came back and said: 'Sire, Emund the lawman rode away yesterday immediately after he had supped.'

Dr Vigfusson would ascribe its editing and completion to Sturla the Lawman, c. 1250.