Laws [noun]

Definition of Laws:

rules of a government, society

Opposite/Antonyms of Laws:

Sentence/Example of Laws:

“But the laws of Poloeland and those of Flatland are different,” said Amalatok, starting another objection.

Because the universe is governed by laws, and there is no credible instance on record of those laws being suspended.

It is something which takes side in the child's breast with the reasonable governor and the laws which he or she administers.

Gottfried Achenwall, an eminent German lecturer on statistics, history and the laws of nature, died at Gttingen.

Since we are to learn by thinking we must at the outset learn the definition of the three Laws of Thinking.

Since words have different meanings, we may sometimes find that a pair of words exemplify all three Laws, as plough and sword.

Because it appears that in that ancient Accadian civilisation lie the seeds of many Bible laws and legends.

But they have tied their credit system in the bonds of narrow banking laws and their trade in those of a cramping tariff.

Statute law or statutes mean the laws enacted by the state legislature and by the federal congress.

As we learn more and more of the laws of Nature we put less and less reliance on the effect of prayer.