Lawsuit [noun]

Definition of Lawsuit:

case brought to court

Synonyms of Lawsuit:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lawsuit:


Sentence/Example of Lawsuit:

It is still contending with lawsuits from the scandal, while trumpeting new environmental initiatives.

West, who has made only fitful campaign statements since declaring his bid 10 weeks ago, has said nothing about the lawsuits, delegating that work to attorneys.

In response, TikTok filed a lawsuit against the US government on the grounds that the ban prevents due process for the company.

Coffee farmers in Kona on Hawaii’s Big Island, for example, are using the results of an elemental analysis to support a class action lawsuit, scheduled for trial in November, against 21 major retailers.

At the same time, the company filed a federal lawsuit against the ban.

Its core ought to be preserved, primarily to protect smaller platforms and websites from lawsuits.

Also, Republicans aren’t the only people filing a lot of lawsuits and pushing a lot of changes to the voting system — it’s just that Democrats’ extensive legal efforts are generally pushing to make it easier to vote.

Greenwood expects a spike in lawsuits, though now at the state rather than federal level, challenging the newly drawn maps.

Although we could determine how much Oportun was suing in nine counties, we had no way to know what those lawsuits alleged because most justice courts don’t post actual documents online, including petitions.

Like Solis, several Oportun borrowers said the lawsuits against them came as a surprise.