Lawyers [noun]

Definition of Lawyers:

person who is trained to counsel or argue in cases of law

Synonyms of Lawyers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lawyers:


Sentence/Example of Lawyers:

The lawyers do it for you; and if she goes away with Lovelock, nothing will be more simple than for me to have it arranged.

Such a society composed mainly of the lower orders of people and led by rising young lawyers, was formed in New York.

The detective Agnes had retained, called on Baptiste's lawyers and held a lengthy consultation.

He was in a fever to know why this very respectable firm of lawyers should have sent a wireless to him.

Mr. Collins' advice and counsel was solicited by some of the first lawyers, and land speculators, in matters of real estate.

He also keeps the books of one of the wealthy rail road companies, a business almost entirely confined to lawyers in that city.

Lawyers always underestimate the legal knowledge of an intelligent layman.

They are to part to-morrow, and the deed of separation is already drawn up at the lawyers.

I reckon there are some honest lawyers, though I never ain't met one yet—not round here leastways.

She had consulted her lawyers in New York before starting; on Roger's situation first of all, but also on her own.