Layered [adjective]

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The ultimate onesieInner layers are the most important part of a cold-resistant outfit.

To understand how Trust Exercise does this work — and how the ending fits into it — let’s go through the whole book, layer by layer and part by part.

The fact that the Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors, the teams with the top two picks, are hoping to leap up the standings next season only adds another layer of complexity to the draft order.

More massive boats require stronger shaking to resist being knocked down to the bottom of the container or up to the top of the liquid layer.

It is important to note that while the granularity of the process, as well as the layers of security, form an effective shield of fraud protection, actual issues with mail-in ballots are vanishingly rare.

All big AI projects at private labs are built on layers and layers of public research.

Along the Río Tinto in western Spain, layers of multicolored sediment combine with blood red water to produce an otherworldly effect.

These outside perspectives are something pharmaceutical industry critics like Topol like to see, because it’s another layer of transparency that ensures we’re not just taking Pfizer’s word.

The body-heat-reflecting technology Seirus uses in its gloves is so efficient that it used it in these base layers.

In extreme cold, layer sleeping bags just as you would jackets.