Layers [noun]

Definition of Layers:

coating, tier

Synonyms of Layers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Layers:


Sentence/Example of Layers:

It is thinner than that of chronic bronchitis, and upon standing separates into three layers of pus, mucus, and frothy serum.

It separates into three layers upon standing—a brown deposit, a clear fluid, and a frothy layer.

Their usual source is the deeper layers of the urinary tract, especially of the bladder.

Gun smoke lay in placidly moving layers of gray before the light beams.

After gathering, the leaves are arranged in regular layers and covered with straw matting, which is removed in a couple of days.

These layers form what is termed the crust of the earth, and are altogether several miles in thickness.

A pink light rises to the zenith, and the mist shifts and slips away in layers, pink and gold and white.

The outside cover protects two layers of old newspaper; then a white object comes to view.

A damp-proof course has been introduced consisting of a thin sheet of lead sandwiched between layers of asphalt.

We cut through six inches of cement, and took out six layers of brick put in and cemented with the ends up.