Lazed [verb]

Definition of Lazed:


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Sentence/Example of Lazed:

Thare aint no proffitt in keeping a hen for his eggs, if he laze less than one a day.

For the present I have no time and no right to laze and enjoy myself.'

Sunshine-and-shadow time for birds to sing by; sunshine-and-shadow time for mortals to laze and dream by.

It was a land to laze in, to do nothing in haste; only the wind stirred it up to a semblance of passion.

"Water enough for him to laze away his time fishin' when he's sober, and deep enough to drown him when he's drunk," said Wingate.

I suppose you think my brain is getting muddled, but it would go altogether if I tried to do nothing but laze about.

I had only hoped to get a few private gardens of some of my friends to laze and pose over, but this is startling.

It is possible these hooks may be pegs to prevent the shifting of the laze rods.

I have time to laze a little, and lie down all dressed on the bed, resting and thinking.

A few days stolen out of the year in which to laze, and be happy, and—drift!