Lazily [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Lazily:

Then we stigmatize them because it is an easy, lazy way, to feel better about ourselves.

Some of them have really funny and really good personalities, but either they’re shy or they’re awkward or they’re lazy or all the above, and they don’t want to put in that extra effort, that extra time to develop their brand.

Signing up for Robinhood can feel like navigating a lazy mobile video game.

Using a scale means you can just dump stuff in a bowl straight from the container, which is great for lazy cooks and reluctant dishwashers like me.

That was meant to be the world’s weirdest, laziest simulation of an open water swim ever, just the first leg of my fake triathlon.

As they entered, a liver-coloured hound that lay stretched before the fire growled lazily, and showed the whites of his eyes.

"I hope it doesn't rain the way it did the other day," said Mollie, as she lazily surveyed a cloudless sky.

Besides the cowboys there were several Indians leaning against the counters or sitting lazily on boxes and barrels.

After lunch the girls strolled around a bit, leaving their mounts to graze lazily.

He strolled lazily over to the fireplace, took a cigarette-case from his pocket, a cigarette from it, and struck a light.