Leached [verb]

Definition of Leached:

drain, empty

Synonyms of Leached:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leached:


Sentence/Example of Leached:

There’s another Britney on my mind today, too, one that is alive, one that can be saved from the leaches that are controlling and trafficking her.

Rising sea levels have elevated the water table in coastal areas, shrinking the depth of leach fields and increasing contamination.

Among the former were a species of phyllosoma, and the Alima hyalina of Leach.

As Donovan described and figured this insect many years before Dr. Leach, his name has the right of priority.

Mr. Leach, of Michigan, stated that he had paired with Mr. English, or he would have voted in the negative.

In Calepteryx Virgo Leach, the former are of a lovely silky blue, and the latter green.

A Y-shaped partition that divides the head internally in Locusta Leach, into two chambers, an anterior and posterior.

By this name it has been known ever since, and only one additional name is included in its synonym, Xiphias rondeletic of Leach.

They fared "very hard," said John Leach, who had opportunity to know; not one of them survived amputation.

This Leach suspected to be intentional, but the offensive actions and words were incessant, especially on Sundays.