Leaders [noun]

Definition of Leaders:

person who guides

Synonyms of Leaders:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leaders:

Sentence/Example of Leaders:

Here and there roving parties appeared, but having no recognized leaders, their existence did not invalidate the treaty.

The controlling leaders being out of gear the machine did not run smoothly: there was nothing but friction and tension.

Carpenter were the leaders, and this is claimed to have been the origin of Mechanics' Institutes.

Babeuf and Darthe, the principal leaders were secured and executed, which completely crushed the Jacobin power.

Other orchestra leaders are always writing and begging him to lend them his copies of Oratorios, etc.

Battle of Shipton moor; prince Henry dispersed the 8,000 insurgents under Scroop, by seizing the persons of their leaders.

Chartism is defunct, notwithstanding the efforts made by its dishonoured and discomfited leaders to revive it.

And the shepherds shall have no way to flee, nor the leaders of the flock to save themselves.

Matt, holding the rope firmly, stretched it so as to bring it across directly in front of the leaders.

The Lancasters are defeated, their soldiers routed, and many of their leaders dispersed about the country.