Leaflets [noun]

Definition of Leaflets:


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Sentence/Example of Leaflets:

It’s also pressing its case with leaflets and mandated anti-union meetings.

Then she told him of getting the leaflet, then Science and Health, and how she had gradually been won to embrace it.

Here is a leaflet about the Panama Exposition published in Esperanto.

Under no circumstances, says a medical leaflet, should flies be allowed in the house.

In 1893 he issued a leaflet changing the name to Vitis baileyana.

“Oh, that funny little leaflet,” she tried to say as if it were a joke.

I shall have to get a leaflet printed setting out the causes that led to my change of fortune.

This notice was published in the local press, and also distributed as a leaflet in Johannesburg.

Such leaflet was drawn up by Secretary Britt Smith and approved by the membership.

The teacher may use his own judgment as to whether he will tell them that the tendril is a modified leaflet.