Leaguers [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Leaguers:

That is expected to start once the major leaguers depart for Washington.

This will allow the Nationals to choose which of the teams will welcome rehabbing major leaguers.

The Christians were through the leaguer, and entered Mawana without losing a man, and with their supply of cartridges intact.

A dead silence soon reigned over that great host which lay in leaguer before Liege.

But we cannot hold out with our few folk and scanty provender against the leaguer of thirty thousand.

Rogers speaks of shipping while at Batavia "half a leaguer of Spelman's neep, or the best sort of arrack."

I looked about for a place to stand upon, to speak unto the people, for they lay all up and down, like people at a leaguer.

The hit was, appropriately, a Texas leaguer, and the visiting spectators howled joyously as Rod capered to first.

Neale stabbed at it, sliced it and landed a Texas leaguer back of short.

It is in the pinch that the pitcher shows whether or not he is a Big Leaguer.