Leakage [noun]

Definition of Leakage:

opening; seepage through opening

Synonyms of Leakage:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leakage:

Sentence/Example of Leakage:

The FDA has regulated microwave manufacturing since the ’70s to make sure models are protected against leakage.

These are best for most situations where privacy, isolation, and less noise leakage are important, whether at a recording studio or in a library.

There is leakage from the ceiling when it rains you can taste the mold in the air.

What’s happening now is more than the standard leakage and naturally if it lasts a long time, it will require supplies of extra air to the station.

While the ad server does have access to that data, Dovekey proposes there will be policies or restrictions in place to ensure there is no leakage.

The water in them was first served out, on account of leakage.

If this leakage can be seen where it discharges, then the trouble can be rectified.

A residual product of this dish is a sort of hard-bake toffee, formed by the leakage of jam from the chupatties.

The leakage takes place, if not along cracks, through capillary channels, which are everywhere present in sea-ice.

The tops of these arches were covered with stones, rushes and bitumen, and plates of lead, to prevent leakage.