Leaked [noun]

Definition of Leaked:

opening; seepage through opening

Synonyms of Leaked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leaked:

Sentence/Example of Leaked:

Filipino YouTuber Tech Buff brings us an exclusive leak of the device, which has some pixels where there are not normally pixels.

Good filtration removes as many particles as possible, and a good fit means that there are no leaks around the sides of your mask, where air — and viruses — can leak through.

If someone was eating cauliflower near a gas leak, people would die before anyone realized they were in danger.

We've discussed this canceled Xbox 360 game at length over the years, with updates coming mostly in the form of increasingly detailed leaks—and this week's is easily the biggest yet.

In the decade since, there have been no large-scale leaks about the residence.

Tenants United provided another document showing the company recently identified a leak in the building, which may have been why the water bill skyrocketed.

That’s because teams are not required to open their books, and most contracts are publicized through leaks and piecemeal reporting.

The app works as an E2E encrypted messaging platform, a privacy-focused functionality that lets users hide their tracks online, and a monitoring system that will instantly alert you if any of your passwords are compromised as part of a data leak.

Hunt, who was not involved in the data leak, pointed out that although the data may have been legally obtained, Facebook and Twitter have controls in place to prevent such scraping.

In June, Russia suffered a massive 20,000-ton oil leak in the Arctic.