Leaking [verb]

Definition of Leaking:

seep; make known

Synonyms of Leaking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leaking:

Sentence/Example of Leaking:

Never since I was a little runt—did I—never cried in thirty years—and here I am-leaking like a pail!

She looked all about; the whole face of nature looked back, brimful of meaning, finger on lip, leaking its glad secret.

Half a dozen words from you would caulk up the leaking hull of your friendship.

Day found them stumbling down the Jersey coast, the foredeck a mass of wreckage and the ship leaking badly.

We were out in a skiff yesterday and the little boat got to leaking so badly that we both of us had to stay in the water.

He found also that the boat was leaking badly from a crack in the side made, no doubt, by the turtle.

The ballast-tanks were found to be leaking and Gillies had considerable trouble in making them watertight.

When the mate recovered his wits, he immediately sounded the well, and found that the ship was leaking badly.

They reported that the ship was leaking badly and had been abandoned by her crew, after suffering severely from the late storm.

In some cases these doors close automatically when the water rises in the vessel, thus confining it to the leaking portion.