Leans [adjective]

Definition of Leans:

bare, thin

Synonyms of Leans:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leans:

Sentence/Example of Leans:

He added that deGrom combines an ideally long, lean pitching build with exceptional mechanics.

The view that mail-in ballots are rife with voter fraud is most widely held among Republicans and GOP-leaning independents who use only Fox News Channel or talk radio as their main sources of political news.

We learned to lean in with our partners to help provide Honda with a credible voice.

So CEO Tim Cook and his team leaned hard on the company’s smartwatch to build excitement.

For almost two months, from a few weeks before the team dealt Capela to a few weeks after it had fully leaned into that short-ball style, Westbrook was fantastic.

While Walmart is looking to attract subscribers with a variety of messages, the television spots lean on the convenience of the program, which offers same-day delivery, rather than price advantages.

Sykes’ task is not just beating the Republicans but also uniting a Democratic Party fractured between moderates and more left-leaning progressives.

For a sign of what Berkshire Hathaway may become then, look to Buffett’s younger lieutenants, who he has often leaned on to make the calls in tech.

Apple itself is a much-lauded marketer that leans on glitzy advertising to sell its smartphones and services.

To keep things simple and socially distanced, Post says, avoid negotiating with loved ones and lean on the commitments that you’ve chosen to make for yourself and the safety of your guests.