Leaping [verb]

Definition of Leaping:

jump, jump over; increase

Synonyms of Leaping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leaping:

Sentence/Example of Leaping:

She led the way through the woods, leaping from one tree branch to another over Squinty's head.

The ruffian released him at last, and, leaping to his feet, was gone before Rabecque could rise.

Her chum came leaping up the hill behind her, having moored the canoe with one hitch.

These dividing walls were stone, like all the others, but sufficiently narrow to admit of Hannah's leaping them easily.

For the Irishman, leaping up with his feet apart, descended on the back of the charging animal, with his face toward her tail!

The horse, frightened by the motor-cycle, was bucking and leaping sideways at the roadside.

He stood transfixed for a moment, and then, leaping from the window into the garden, called loudly for help.

Leaping to the fellow's flank, Garnache, with a terrific kick, knocked his legs from under him so that he fell heavily.

The neighborhood is most romantic, with towering cliffs, strange caverns, leaping cataracts and wooded valleys.

In the leaping kangaroo and jerboa a shortening of the arms and lengthening of the legs appear.