Learned [adjective]

Definition of Learned:


Opposite/Antonyms of Learned:

Sentence/Example of Learned:

That may be about to change though, thanks to a new approach that blends pre-learned skills on the fly to tackle new challenges.

He was rector of the university of Ilfeldt 40 years, and published several learned works.

Decide about it, ye that are learned in the ethnographic distinctions of our race—but heaven defend us from the Bourbonnaises!

He was learned, benevolent and pious, and author of several religious works.

It was not an exalted niche to fill in life, but at least she had learned to fill it to perfection, and her ambitions were modest.

He was the author of many learned theological works and controversial publications.

As the devil never wanted insinuators, I shall observe, that I learned a way how to make a man dream of what I pleased.

When, however, you learn by rote you know the task as you learned it, and not in the reverse way.

He learned the series by heart without any suspicion that he was committing it to memory.

These strange things that Alf has been trying to teach me during the long nights I have learned—I understand.