Learning [noun]

Definition of Learning:

education, knowledge

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Sentence/Example of Learning:

I thought I caught sight of one recently when Richard Barrera, a school board member for San Diego Unified School District, said online learning had opened up new possibilities for students in lower-income areas.

The startup’s main value proposition is that it makes it easier and cheaper for businesses to analyze data they’ve shelved away on the cloud—including the massive datasets needed to train machine learning algorithms.

When schools began transitioning to remote learning, students’ needs changed, too.

The app provides an endless scrollable feed of short, user-generated videos, surfaced by a machine learning system that tracks what you watch and interact with.

Indeed, there may be no way to stop the rise of machine learning, but there’s still time to prepare.

School is a safe place for them, not just a place of learning.

On October 5, Fortune is launching an online learning platform and community called Fortune Connect that will target mid-tier, vp and senior manager executives in a highly monetized way.

Apple’s senior vice president of machine learning and AI strategy role was created specifically for John Giannandrea, 55, who earlier held a similar job at Google.

Some schools have insisted on reopening, with mixed results, others are sticking with remote learning, while still others are offering a hybrid of the two.

The Kalamazoo-based company makes furnishings for outdoor spaces, such as outdoor learning areas at schools.