Leasing [verb]

Definition of Leasing:

rent object, residence

Synonyms of Leasing:

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Sentence/Example of Leasing:

He said, "We believe in leasing those lands out there in Montana and in Wyoming and all over this country."

It is foolish to talk of leasing coal lands in small quantities in order to prevent monopoly.

Early in 1667 we find Molire leasing a little cottage, or part of a cottage, at Auteuil, for a retreat at times.

Laughter with laughter men should receive, but leasing with lying.

And a system of leasing or management, such as I have suggested for the Missouri mines, appears equally desirable.

On the whole, the leasing was for a time profitable to the Board, but it was not always attended with harmony.

Meanwhile Spain had become satisfied that the leasing of Venezuela to the German money-lenders was a failure.

Between this leasing frame and the linking machine proper, shown in the foreground, is the drawing, measuring and marking machine.

I wish you would go to the Mississippi River at once, and take hold of and be master in the contraband and leasing business.

And as for leasing—leasing land they virtually own—no, there's precious few are doing that, thank God!