Leathery [adjective]

Definition of Leathery:

hard, durable

Synonyms of Leathery:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leathery:




Sentence/Example of Leathery:

Out of the invisible240 country marched a huge beast with a thick, leathery skin and a surprisingly long neck.

As those leathery faces crack into lines through the dust I sense sincerity.

They show their distant relationship to birds in that their large eggs are incased in a leathery, limy shell.

Mr. Simeon Browns usual demeanour was that of the most leathery imperturbability.

With great fanged beak out-stretched, it was flapping through the air on leathery wings.

All the Eucalypti are curious trees, with entire and leathery leaves, affording an unusual amount of aromatic oil.

Hissing with triumph, leathery wings flapping, the lizard bird leaped at him.

With poor beef, the skin is decidedly leathery, and then it is advisable to take it off.

He was a short, lean man with a leathery face and long, black ropy hair, and beady black eyes that caught the light like a cat's.

With the nourishing breath of the German air, and the sort of smoky and leathery German smell, vigor and good spirits have set in.