Leavening [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Leavening:

Yet my unhappiness in all this was only a part of a general change that was quickly leavening me throughout.

She was a little astonished to see these girls turning it into play, leavening it with laughter.

No leavening except the eggs is used in the recipe for cake of this kind.

A few varieties of cake are made light by means of yeast instead of being leavened with eggs or chemical leavening agents.

It is this period of hesitating progress and slow leavening of men's ideas that we have to pass through in this week's lecture.

Many a man has committed crime from the leavening, multiplying influence of a bad book read when a boy.

Alexina said the shop, like a little leaven, was leavening the whole neighborhood, and truly it seemed so.

The food his brain is living on is leavening his whole life, giving colour, tone and trend to his existence.

Bruno thought that his little leaven was leavening the whole lump—he was not without ambition—he was flattered by the invitation.

It is not too much to affirm that the leaven of "Mormonism" is leavening the world and its theology.