Leaves [noun]

Definition of Leaves:

green foliage of plant

Synonyms of Leaves:

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Sentence/Example of Leaves:

Tobacco at this period was also rolled up in the leaves of the Palm and smoked.

The Spaniards since have substituted paper for the leaves of maize, in imitation of them.

Their method of curing the leaves was to air-dry them and then packing them until wanted for use.

In 1629 he found the Hurons smoking the dried leaves and stalks of the Tobacco plant or petune.

I do not know what I think; all my thoughts seem whirling round as leaves do in brooks in the time of the spring rains.

There was a great comparing of papers, and turning over of leaves, by Fogg and Perker, after this statement of profit and loss.

Leaves of a lanceolate form are the largest, and the shape of those found on most varieties of the American plant.

Those varieties of the plant with heart-shaped leaves have paniculated flowers with unequal cups.

Of course, special arrangements will have to be made for extremely large leaves.

Each tiny tree was a plume of leaves; the rows stretched out to the hilltop, and over.