Lech [noun]

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Nearly all the enemy were slaughtered or drowned in the river Lech.

Maximilian was reduced to straits such as he had not known since the time when Tilly fell at the passage of the Lech.

The king seized Donauworth and Ulm, and under cover of the fire of seventy guns threw a bridge across the Lech.

At the approach of the King he camped where the river Lech joins the Danube, awaiting attack.

Tilly had then fallen back before the advance of Gustavus to a very strong position on the Lech.

Gustavus gave his army four days' rest at Donauworth, and then advanced with 32,000 men against the Lech.

Two days after the advance from the Lech, Malcolm was in charge of a small party on the right flank of the column.

If the worst comes to the worst one of us must start at night and carry news of our peril to the Lech.

Gustavus had crossed the Danube, and his troops overspread the country between that river and the river Lech.

Llech signifies a stone in Welsh, and is pronounced in a way peculiar to the Welsh; when simple it is llech, when compounded lech.