Lecher [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Lecher:

Edouard was a lecher and a slob, and I have no doubt he got everything he deserved, but we have no notion who killed him.

Now a little fire in a wild field were like an old lecher's heart; a small spark, all the rest on's body cold.

Was he not called, by his very soldiers, on one of his triumphant entries into Rome, the bald-pated lecher?

The President blandly answered that Dr. Lecher had the floor.

Before the time had run out Dr. Lecher was on his feet again.

There was but one way for Dr. Lecher to hold the floor—he must stay on his legs.

The lecher, does not he steal away the honour of his mistress?

Leyr or lecher wite, is the privilege of punishing adultery and fornication.

He was a satyr, a lecher; he was a man with a sexual obsession.

And thus the old lecher, suspended between his servant and his mistress, enjoyed himself just as if he were in a swing.