Lecherous [adjective]

Definition of Lecherous:

lustful, lewd

Synonyms of Lecherous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lecherous:



Sentence/Example of Lecherous:

Him alone did the spurned queen, the cruel and lecherous Astis, love with all her flaming and depraved heart.

She should not waste her love on unworthy objects, on impure and lecherous men or women.

"I bet the ole monks had a merry time, lecherous ole devils," said Tom, playing away.

With these words the great book ends—the diary of one of the godliest and most lecherous of men.

Little does she suspect that the savage eyes of a concealed ruffian are gloating with lecherous delight upon her exposed form!

Chang, whose lecherous intentions had been the cause of all, was sentenced to a heavy fine.

Liquorish, now usually spelled lickerish, is allied to lecherous, and has no connection with liquor or with liquorice.

You stint your bodies that he may revel in the delights you are deprived of, and wallow in lecherous and vile pursuits!

The girl lifted her eyes to his flushed, lecherous face, sprang to her feet, rushed into the hall and up the stairs.

But Nell was thinking of it, recalling with a slight shudder Wolf's lecherous stare; her eyes were on her needle-work.