Lectured [verb]

Definition of Lectured:

give a lesson, speech

Synonyms of Lectured:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lectured:

Sentence/Example of Lectured:

The website offers a full listing of trunk shows, exhibition dates, galas, lectures, and book signings.

As professors moved online, lectures moved to Zoom or tools built atop of Zoom.

It’s best known instead for the Bourbaki Seminars, a series of high-profile lectures on the most important recent results in math, held in Paris.

Even for George Washington, whose education took place outside libraries or lecture rooms, figures such as Cicero and Cato were familiar examples of visionary statesmanship or fatal folly.

For kids currently relying on virtual schooling, for example, it’s easy to get distracted if they have to juggle multiple screens or multiple windows—one for a video lecture, the other a chat for Q & As.

However, it is still taught in many information retrieval lectures so relevant to some extent.

When a male student released a mouse under her seat in a lecture, she calmly pronounced it a nice-looking mouse.

The Italian ecclesiastic Gavazzi, lectured at Quebec, and gave rise to a riot.

The House is accustomed to a little hesitation in its novices and does not like to be lectured even by an Oxford don.

I sent a waiter for café-au-lait and a brioche and lectured her on the folly of going without proper sustenance.