Lectures [noun]

Definition of Lectures:

lesson, speech

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Sentence/Example of Lectures:

Then there are often lectures held on musical subjects by some of the Professors, or by some one who is engaged for that purpose.

Miss Gould will confine her lectures this week in English to the discussion of plays and play-making.

A meal of victuals at this house has got to be just like attending one of Old Dimples lectures.

He was ardently devoted to the science, and contributed much to spread a correct knowledge of it among the people by his lectures.

Lectures—Two ladies may attend a lecture, unaccompanied by a gentleman, without attracting attention.

Long lectures may be given upon elocution, but the advice can be condensed into two directions.

The subscription is cheaper, being about four Louis annually, and the lectures are more elegant, if not more scientific.

There are usually three lectures daily; the first on sciences, and the other two on belles lettres.

The exedrae were rooms supplied with permanent seats which seem to have been used for lectures and similar entertainments.

(b) That Pike has, however, in his lectures added occult matters from these occult Rites.