Lecturing [verb]

Definition of Lecturing:

give a lesson, speech

Synonyms of Lecturing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Lecturing:

Sentence/Example of Lecturing:

But a deafening peal of thunder cut short the sentence of the phlegmatic prince lecturing the royal spouse.

Lecturing and oratory, and even public tea-meetings, were things almost unknown.

While Mr. Bradlaugh was lecturing in the States a general election took place in England.

I do not forget the tremendous labor, physical as well as mental, of lecturing on burning questions to large audiences.

Kossuth's lecturing tour in the States in 1852 had excited 171 an angry feeling against Austria.

Lecturing was then coming into vogue, and he was frequently invited to the platform.

But lecturing, to many men an agreeable excitement, seems to have been very unpleasant to Carlyle,--even repulsive.

The encomium holding good of herself, she refrained from lecturing him on the subject of the vilified Denham.

To one of the board, a clergyman, who had lately been lecturing on "Popery the People's Peril," the proposition was startling.

As in a far later period, Mark Twain had resorted to lecturing to pay off debt.