Led [verb]

Definition of Led:

guide physically

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Sentence/Example of Led:

Likewise, our current LED lighting and display technologies are too expensive and not of good enough color quality to realistically replace traditional lighting in a short enough time frame.

The cost of both has dropped at unprecedented rates over the past decade and energy efficient technologies such as LED lighting have also expanded.

That current can power small electronics, such as a watch or LED lights.

Adjust between ten different brightness modes with these 300 LED lights, creating the exact right atmospheric mood.

Easily keep these 200 LED lights charged with a USB plug-in installation, which can be plugged into your laptop or power bank.

When it does come time to recharge your face mask, the included case will also disinfect the mask somewhat with UV-LED lights.

His zeal led him among foreigners as a missionary; after visiting Bohemia, he went among the Poles, by whom he was killed.

They ran side by side across the yard to a roofed flight of steps that led to the printing-office.

I turned round, thrust my purse into the lap of the nearest, and with a light heart led the lady back to the hotel.

If he didn't give it to me, I took it, for fear I should be led to do anything wrong, through not having it.