Leeched [verb]

Definition of Leeched:

cause blood to flow

Synonyms of Leeched:

Opposite/Antonyms of Leeched:


Sentence/Example of Leeched:

His Highness said that the Hakims, who were attending him, had bled him, and had leeched the inflamed joints.

He fell ill at Geneva in 1646, and was bled, leeched and purged before the diagnosis of smallpox was made.

Leeched ashes are a valuable manure, but not equal to unleached.

The animals trying to get close to warmth had overcome their fear of people, but the cold had leeched the life from their bodies.

It was as though he had been cooked by the sun and leeched by the rain until only bone, tendon and muscle were left.

I was bled, leeched; kept for a month in the filthy Dolphin Inn at Rock.

About the beginning of the rainy season a heavy coating of manure is placed over the beds and left to be leeched in by the rains.

Not only were horses routinely bled, they were also cupped and leeched.