Leeching [adjective]

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In the second category are those instruments associated with leeching and cupping.

Cupping and leeching were less frequently practiced in the medieval period, although general bloodletting retained its popularity.

In fact, leeching the internal membranes enjoyed quite a vogue in the early nineteenth century.

Broussais offered the following explanation for the effectiveness of leeching.

Then Leeching, after loading his pistol, went to work with his comrade for an hour or so.

After this he helped to build a barn and a shed for a potashery establishment for leeching ashes.

To this may be added mild blistering, cupping, or even leeching over the last ribs.

No wonder gout was a common disease, and the overheated blood needed to be reduced by cupping and leeching.

Cupping, leeching, and all sorts of blood-letting were the chief dependence in olden times in all cases of fever.

We feared, for a few minutes, that it really would be a case for a chirurgeon, with cupping and leeching and smelling salts.