Leering [verb]

Definition of Leering:

look at longingly

Synonyms of Leering:











Opposite/Antonyms of Leering:


Sentence/Example of Leering:

The gray pile looms above me, cold and forbidding, and on its crest stands the black figure leering at me in triumph.

The old miser's face changed suddenly from rage and malevolence to a leering softness more hateful still to her shrinking eyes.

The door creaked rustily on its hinges, and an ugly, leering Chinese face peered inside.

Some black leering idol on whose altar was daily sacrificed a living victim?

Except for the leering joss and the monstrous embroidered things on the walls the rooms showed empty.

Smoky now sat in his saddle, reloading his weapon and leering at the cool youngsters on the porch.

There was a familiar tone in the voice, and, turning my head slightly, I beheld the leering visage of Waters.

At sight of it the wretches on deck fell to shouting and huzzaing, Griggs standing leering up at it.

It is the mere logical concept of others in general, left leering at us after all the concrete others have been thought away.

After all, I ought to have scotched the rusty, red-bellied water-snake leering at me now.