Leers [verb]

Definition of Leers:

look at longingly

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Opposite/Antonyms of Leers:


Sentence/Example of Leers:

He told me he’d become painfully aware of “his leer” on Zoom meetings, so he did his best to smile and not talk with his mouth full — awkward on any date, but even more off-putting over video chat.

"It is magnificent to be such a willing—" added Schliemann, sidling up to him with a dreadful leer on his face.

The captain closed one eye, and a leer of subtle cunning overspread his face.

Yezid grinned more savagely than ever; and Mary closed her eyes that she might not see his leer.

And by the door stood Billy, watching them all like an evil spirit, with a leer of saturnine malice on his evil face.

"A girl with that beautiful face and form need never starve," returned the old miser, with a significant leer.

He made no attempt to rise when Richard entered, but waved his pipe flightily in the air, and gave a leer of welcome.

It was a loutish figure and a singularly repulsive face that I saw, and he gave me the benefit of a very unpleasant leer.

"Merely that he is in hiding—with the lady," said Spivak with a leer.

The Emperor is not commanding in a lordly voice from a throne, but with a leer and behind a curtain.