Leery [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Leery:

Diosady notes that even his own wife “is very leery of anything I bring from the lab.”

If city officials were leery of cutting police personnel to close the existing $124 million gap, or even part of it, they may turn to the almost $72 million the city spends from its general fund on the non-personnel side of the police budget.

It should be leery of sticking to a script when the opponent is so viciously adaptable.

However, Zenith also predicts a bounce back in 2021 and 2022 as consumers — many likely to still be leery of public transportation — take action on delayed purchase decisions.

Some investors are still leery of ad tech, having been burned in the past.

Hes already kinda leery about you and But thats your funeral.

I no longer see in the corner of the quartermaster's eye the leery droop that greeted me at the start.

A piece down the road, say a mile an' a half, I'm told there's a rotten bit o' road, an' I'm a little leery of trouble there.

The "Friend" will give you a lot of advertising to place for them, for they are always "leery" of competition.

He was tugging villainously at a wicked mustache, and his eyes were thrillingly leery.